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About Innovative Bottles

Patented FDA Approved bio based resin technology that reduces carbon footprint greenhouse gases by 32% and reduces production energy by 42% over polypropylene.

Innovative Bottles


We at Innovative Bottles, Inc.,are dedicated to creating sustainable products that are ECO friendly. We have developed a new generation of pharmacy bottles called ECOVialsTM. Our patented bio based materials are plastic alternatives. These renewable bio resins reduce carbon footprint by 75 metric tons per 10M vials. (Which is the daily use in the U.S. today.) Innovative Bottles’ initial bottles and containers address the pharmaceutical and hospitality industries.

Plastic cannot be recycled endlessly and ends up in landfills. Plastic or petroleum based vials stay in the landfills for more than 800 hundred years and do not readily decompose, and are not from a renewable source. Compared to bio-resins, plastics use more energy, and cause release of carbon dioxide and methane emissions contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Bio-resin PLA is home grown in the USA and not imported like petroleum. It supports our local and national economy by keeping jobs here and our environment clean.

Message From The CEO:

Danen Butler, CEO of Innovative Bottles, Inc., stated “Innovative Bottles’ solutions squarely address the most important issues of our day in regards to sustainability and using renewable materials. This supports corporations' supply chain green initiatives to help reduce their carbon footprints. Addressing these issues with the 3.7B Rx Bottles in the US will allow us to start making a difference in our planet together.”