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Rethink Plastic

by creating

Renewable Solutions that

Reduce Waste


Restore Our Planet


Tons of plastic waste were generated annually, (EPA)

Innovative Bottles is dedicated to developing green sustainable solutions that reduce waste as well as the carbon footprint impact of plastics. Our leading-edge ECO Vial™ products are composed of a unique patented bio-resin material that is plant-based and 100% renewable.

The Facts

In 2020, plastics produced in the United States alone generated…

0 Million Tons Containers & Packaging
0 Million Tons Durable Goods
0 Million Tons Nondurable (Plates & Cups)

Global plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean

Total Plastic Waste ‐ 275 Million Metric Tons

Coastal 100%

99.5 Milion Metric Tons

Coastal Mismanaged* 75%

31.9 Million Metric Tons

Entering The Oceans 50%

8 Million Metric Tons

*Mismanaged waste means the material is littered or not properly disposed of– meaning there isn’t a formally managed waste management system.

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